The Kawaakibi Foundation Arts Programme works with artists in authoritarian and post-revolutionary contexts, to strengthen free expression and the public sphere, build cultural narratives in support of movements of dignity, and harness the power of art in dissent, social change and psychological healing.

Centred in the MENA region and led by local artists intimately acquainted with the political and social landscape, our programme aims to elevate and acknowledge the dignity of individuals by sharing their experiences and stories through artistic expression.

Our commitment extends beyond artistic promotion – the Art Programme advocates for the rights of artists facing censorship, persecution, and exile. By offering support, training, and amplification, we empower endangered artists to be more effective in their craft. The programme also  acts as a global nexus, connecting cultures, art, and social change. We continually explore innovative ways to reshape narratives and engage new audiences, staying at the forefront of art platforms, tools, trends, and technologies.

Launching in key European cities by in 2024 and in the US by 2025, we will be introducing initiatives such as the Sheikh Imam Art Prize, cultural knowledge production and exhibitions.