Arab Tyrant Manual

The Arab Tyrant Manual is Kawaakibi’s first project within which we still define paradigms. The podcast takes on global authoritarianism from a MENA perspective.

Intergalactic Tarboush

Intergalactic Tarboush is an eclectic podcast deep diving into all things that fascinate the Kawaakibi team, and which are of utmost relevance to our conceptualisations as humans, as members of society, as terrestrial beings.


Shefa podcast delves into all things healing and trauma. Each guest brings with them a wealth of experience or research, which we seek to unpack to help us better understand one another and build compassion in our communities.

*Coming soon*

In the Media

The Corruption of Power & Influence with Ahmed Gatnash — What Bitcoin Did
Ahmed Gatnash is an author, activist and co-founder of the Kawaakibi Foundation. In this interview, we discuss how the hope of the Arab Spring has been ruthlessly suppressed, meaning the middle east is further from democracy than ever. It’s a breathtaking story of brave activists fighting Twitter’s
Worldwide media communities gathered in Sarajevo to tackle disinformation
Marking one year since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU brought together media professionals from different countries and continents to tackle issues related to information manipulation in times where the rise of disinformation fuels war.