Strategic Narrative Lab

Our Strategic Narrative Lab centres on developing and providing strategy for civil society organisations focusing on the MENA region, as well as MENA activists and change-makers.

At the heart of our programme is a visionary aspiration: to cultivate an interregional and intersectional ecosystem that unites human rights organisations across the globe. We envision these organisations collaboratively pushing towards shared objectives, transcending geographical and thematic boundaries. This commitment involves resource-sharing, effective coordination, and a collective drive towards meaningful change. 

Our mission is centred on empowering the activism community with strategic insights and skills. We provide comprehensive information and training on strategy and convene organisations to refine and align their approaches. 

The programme’s mandate encompasses key initiatives:

  • Designing and facilitating strategic workshops, including our annual summit.
  • Providing strategic advice and consultation to enhance knowledge within our community.
  • Producing and publishing knowledge related to strategy.
  • Collaborating with partners to grow an ecosystem of projects dedicated to strategic objectives over time. 

Contact us here if you’re interested in any of our consultation, or collaboration.