Shefa is dedicated to catalysing health in the MENA region and among MENA activists. 

We believe that the only possible path to a healthy region is a journey of healing, in which we come to understand our historical traumas and the impact they have had on us individually and collectively. Healing is the only way that our movement can succeed - without it, we are bitterly divided and lacking both trust and coordination.

After almost a century of authoritarian repression and war, the MENA region is a region full of trauma - both direct and intergenerational. Trauma, especially PTSD, affects human behaviour deeply by reducing the ability to trust others and form healthy relationships, regulate emotions, communicate effectively, or act rationally, and induces deep fears of vulnerability. These effects damage the social fabric, increase conflict and decrease the ability of people to relate, work together and find win-win solutions. It also reduces the ability to conduct strategic long-term planning.

At the heart of our vision lies a commitment to fostering a MENA region where mental health is thoroughly comprehended, openly discussed, and prioritised, particularly within activist circles. We aspire to create an environment where healing resources and support are not only present but also easily accessible to everyone.

Our mission centres on a profound understanding of trauma and recovery, aiming to enlighten the public, enhance professional capabilities in trauma treatment, and strengthen society's collective ability to heal. Aligned with the Shefa programme's pillars of research, media, training, and community-building, our goals are geared toward creating lasting positive change.