Join Our Team

As we prepare for the launch of our new platforms, we are also working on several projects behind the scenes. This is an invitation to become part of our family.
The openings include both paid and volunteer positions.

Some pertain to highly visible projects; others are for behind-the-scenes work.

Please check our application guidelines, and use the forms to submit an application. You can also email

Our Hiring Philosophy

We have a reputation for mature, incisive political analysis, but our first identity is as activists. This shapes our approach; we turn our eyes not only to the power of the elites, but to the struggle for liberty and justice within our societies. Our project is a child of the Arab Spring, and our team was formed by an exiled dissident and refugee, not by privileged elites or detached researchers.

We aren't covering our regions of interest from the point of view of those far removed from the effects or consequences of what they're analyzing - we have skin in the game.

This factors in our hiring choices; whilst we welcome talent from across the board, we seek out native activists, refugees, exiled dissidents, and other individuals who have a real and personal stake in the cause, and an intimate connection to the regions we cover.

Our Philosophy Of Volunteering

Kawaakibi Foundation started out as a volunteer initiative, and volunteers have formed the backbone of our team since we started working in 2013 - and nobody paid us for our work for most of our team’s existence. We fully understand the power of committed volunteers, especially when there’s vision and energy to guide us and back us up.

If you’re looking to help where you can on general tasks that come up during our campaigns, you can put down your name in our volunteer’s register. This is a list of people who we’ll call upon whenever we’re working on a campaign, have our hands full, and need an extra hand. Find the form here.

If you’re willing to make a longer time commitment, or you have a very specific position in mind that reflects your specific skills or talent, you can browse our open positions below or write to us at

Whichever level of commitment fits you, here are some general points to keep in mind:

  • We’re a growing team, both in size and in resources. Whenever we’re able to add a paid position to our team, we’ll always prioritize our volunteers.
  • We are a distributed team, not based together in an office, so self-motivation, communication skills, and good digital security practices are a must.

Current Positions

We value initiative - if you know how to make one of our projects better, or have a powerful idea and the skills to help make it happen, let us know.