Jamal Khashoggi Disinformation Monitor

The Jamal Khashoggi Disinformation Monitor is an initiative to reclaim the public sphere from those who silence, exclude and deceive their audiences. The initiative delves into mapping disinformation networks and strategies by states and non-state actors alike, and educating the public on their threats. 

The Jamal Khashoggi Disinformation Monitor focuses on the following:

Disinformation Mapping

We meticulously map the existing ecosystem of disinformation, information manipulation, and platform abuse. This not only informs other facets of Kawaakibi's work but also serves as an early warning system for activists and partner organisations.

Research & Investigations

This involves collaborative efforts with journalists and other organisations, particularly in cases where disinformation intersects with real-world events such as crime and conflict.

Platform Engagement

We engage directly with platforms to enhance moderation practices and algorithms. Our goal is to detect coordinated inauthentic activity networks, thwart them, and ensure the protection of those under threat on the platforms.

Education & Advocacy 

Our initiatives aim to educate the public on how disinformation operates, the threats it poses to different groups and the sociopolitical fabric. We also emphasise what platforms and authorities can do to address these challenges.

Training and Consultancy

We share our expertise with stakeholders - whether they are platforms, governments and embassies, or international organisations. As well as consultancy and training work, we are planning to launch a regular series of training workshops in 2024. 

JKDM Fellowship

We provide a nonresidential fellowship for mid-career journalists, integrating them part-time with JKDM for several months while they continue their regular responsibilities. This allows them to acquire insights into the most recent standards and techniques in disinformation research and analysis. They can then integrate this knowledge into their own work and, upon returning to their institutions, share the expertise they've gained. Our objective is for fellows to spearhead significant disinformation investigations during the fellowship, merging their expertise with our ongoing efforts.