Mid-Ramadan Update

We’ve been very busy at Kawaakibi Foundation over the last few weeks, here’s a quick update on our ongoing projects.

Firstly, we launched Iyad El-Baghdadi’s Ramadan blog series on Islam & Liberty. It’s available in both English and Arabic, and the Arabic one is also available in audio form. You’ll notice that the Islam & Liberty website has gone through a revamp, thanks to our creative lead Kholoud, and we have lots of exciting content coming after Ramadan — thanks for being patient with us, we didn’t anticipate the amount of work required to launch such a major project.

We’ve spent the last week at the Oslo Freedom Forum. We have several episodes of the Arab Tyrant Manual coming, featuring interviews with journalists and human rights activists who work on China, Togo, Angola, Bolivia, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and more.

We’re also upgrading the Arab Tyrant Manual, and launching articles on the site soon, as well as announcing an exciting new partnership with an internationally renowned cartoonist — watch this space!