The Kawaakibi Foundation Knowledge Community

A gathering of minds focussed on strategy, human rights and the future.

What is the Knowledge Community?

The Kawaakibi Foundation is a team of interdisciplinary thinkers and activists with a focus on the MENA region.

Our work on the long-term future of human rights necessitates that we study the region, global dynamics of socio-political change and new technologies extremely deeply - we need to understand what's happening in order to do our work thoughtfully and rigorously, building for the future and anticipating change.

We occasionally publish our research in the form of books, podcasts, articles, Twitter threads and short videos, but most remains internal due to editing capacity.

Now, we're allowing access for the first time to the Roam Research database in which we "think out loud", keep notes on all the content that we read, and discuss the ways our fields are changing and what that means for us.

We're also adding new contributors, to build a community of thinkers exchanging ideas in an environment conducive to serendipity, learning and progress. Think Twitter, but curated - more alignment, less dysfunction and a calmer pace.

What's It About?

Our research spans numerous fields, including human rights, mental health, psychedelics and wellness, socially-engaged arts, political analysis and geopolitics, disinformation and the public sphere, Bitcoin and new economic models, spirituality, Islamic history and more.

Some of the unpublished work includes:

All of this happens in a platform called Roam Research - a "tool for thought" enabling a new kind of note-taking. In it, notes are structured as a network rather than heirarchies, with each note's tags connecting to every other note with those tags. This interconnected web of ideas enables thoughts to evolve, cross-pollinate, interreference and surface links between fields and across time - extremely rich context.

How Can I Join?