What's It About?

What's It About?

Our research spans numerous fields, including human rights, mental health, psychedelics and wellness, socially-engaged arts, political analysis and geopolitics, disinformation and the public sphere, Bitcoin and new economic models, spirituality, Islamic history and more.

Some of the unpublished work includes:

  • Warnings from 2015 about the likely path of Saudi crown prince MBS, before crackdowns and brutality shocked the world

  • Detailed analyses of the disinformation ecosystem on Twitter from 2016, including plans given to the platform to respond to it

  • An ongoing deep dive into the future of pro-Palestine activism

  • A strategic analysis of paths forward for human rights movements in light of the foreign policy of President Biden's administration

  • Work on the emerging field of psychedelics and mental health

All of this happens in a platform called Roam Research - a "tool for thought" enabling a new kind of note-taking. In it, notes are structured as a network rather than heirarchies, with each note's tags connecting to every other note with those tags. This interconnected web of ideas enables thoughts to evolve, cross-pollinate, interreference and surface links between fields and across time - extremely rich context.