Winter 2019 Update

Since losing close friends and fellow activists to murder by terrorists (Raed Fares) and authoritarian regimes (Jamal Khashoggi), as well as receiving direct and credible threats ourselves from both the Saudi government and ISIS, we have been forced to be extremely private about our work. Our highest-impact projects are ones we cannot publicly discuss.

However, in broad terms here is what Kawaakibi Foundation does:

  • We consult journalists, governments, politicians, diplomats, human rights workers, NGOs, activists, tech companies and anybody else who needs accurate information or analysis on human rights abuses and how it affects their work
  • We investigate the worst abuses of authoritarian regimes, counteract their propaganda, and create consequences and accountability in any way possible
  • We promote healing for activists suffering from severe PTSD. We are particularly interested in MDMA-assisted therapy, a field which offers the promise of a breakthrough in treating trauma.
  • We build platforms and produce media disseminating native voices from the middle east who understand and are building the solutions to their own problems. Our flagship platform is the Arab Tyrant Manual, whose podcast provides unique long-term insight into authoritarianism.

Our primary source of funding remains our online audience - the ordinary people who read our work and support us on Patreon. To them we are eternally grateful - they enable us to keep going through all adversities. You can join them here.